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[My Story] Becoming a Internet Millionare?

Sometimes changing is the best way to improve the standard of living. this is my first time writing a blog & it is hard to get started.

my worklife make me a busy person; i wonder what should i do after this. i always wanted for a more versatile in my worklife & may be this a right time for me to do a little more changes after this? hehehe...

i gathered some info in the internet about 'internet jobs' as my part time job. is it real? is it really make profit? My housemate making money 2-3 hundred a day. Ahh.. i fed up with my life. every day, every month working in the same path & still with full debt in my pockets!

then i started joined mr.Jamal (my housemate) affiliate program. he offered me 1/2 of his profit for every e-book i could sell. as a beginner i thought it will be easy & moreover I'm an IT person. but as the time goes, there are not even a single person buy e-book from me. Fuhh.. another dead end.

I'm gathered some info & i know something, i suppose to advertise at the right place, where high traffic load (many people can see your advertisement). i see mr Jamal advertised at the Berita harian online, one of example with high traffic. but you have to spend some money about rm150 for a week & i see Google offer about rm60 for a month (just economy package). ho ho ho. Kalo x laku mati maa. Until now, i not trying any pay to advertise site coz I'm worry if it is not working. i read in some traffic related how to get the biz with ease. Yes, the are the other way to find high traffic with no money expense! but yet unitll now i just don't get it.

Here some articles regarding to this make money internet programes: 'You can build the most expensive website in the world. But it will not make any difference if you have no traffic. Literally, no traffic means no people viewing your website except yourself. In other words, no people viewing means no business. So, your next task after your website is up, is to drive as many traffic as you can. To drive traffic to your website, there are two ways, either you buy it or you get it at no cost. Buying traffic is the easiest way but it cost you money, and yet the sale is not guaranteed.' huuh really hard isn't it but i still prefer with no money he he he..
huuhuh. some people please help me...

Source: 5 Ways to Attract Website Traffic at No Cost,


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